Hosting a dinner party can be an intimate and enjoyable time even as a host! Prepping ahead of time, choosing your feel of the night and adding personal details can make your dinner party a breeze. Here are 8 tips to put together your intimate party and how to enjoy it with guests!
WORK AHEAD – Download a party checklist! Invitations should be finalized and in your guests mailboxes four weeks prior to your dinner date. Begin setting your menu, ordering supplies and any rental items you will need such as linens and serving utensils.
CREATE A SIGNATURE PARTY COCKTAIL – Make a marvelous, large-batch recipe and give it a fun name! Offer an assortment of wine, beer, spirits, tea and water-always offer non-alcoholic beverages besides just water.
MAKE INDIVIDUAL APPETIZERS – Small, bite sized apps make for a beautiful presentation and won’t leave people eager for dinner to be served. Cheese and charcuterie boards are always easy – add an appreciated touch by labeling the assortment of meats and cheeses! Have this prepared the day before so that you are not stressing about prep when your guests arrive.
HOW TO OUTSOURCE – If you are stressed about cooking look to a nearby restaurant for prepared items. Private chefs are a fabulous touch to any dinner party and often can have their own serving staff attend with them. At the end of the day your guests will not judge if you made the food from scratch or if you had a little help, they are just happy to be your company – with a cocktail in hand!!
SOCIALIZE – Your guests will feel more comfortable if you are not working away in the kitchen the whole night. Make an effort to chat with everyone at your party, before sitting down for dinner. As a host it is your job to introduce guests who are not acquainted with each other. Have a glass of wine and join the fun!
SET THE BEAT – Don’t worry about creating a playlist and enjoy the endless selection of playlists on Spotify. When selecting a playlist consider what mood you’re going for—chill, festive, upbeat- you will find it! If you are hosting a wine night with Italian fare “Today’s Top Hits” might not be the appropriate choice. But you can always adjust as the night progresses!
SERVING YOUR GUESTS – Ask yourself if you want to relax and be taken care of or are you the DIY’er that loves to be hands on? For some it is a host’s goal to treat their guests. For others hiring one or two staff to help you set up, serve plated food, replenish drinks and assist with clean up is the perfect solution to give you the best experience as a host.
PARTY CONCIERGE SERVICES – Party concierge services are a perfect solution for intimate gatherings such as dinner parties. Events Worth Giving offers concierge services at discounted rates. You can choose services you would like help with such as invitation design/addressing/mailing, coordination for catering, party supplies and rentals or coordinating experienced serving staff for the ultimate enjoyable dinner party. Choosing party concierge services allows you to take advantage of professional event help without the full service cost.
Enjoy your party!
Marissa Taccia